dmk inc
dmk inc



Since foundation, logistics has been the core business of our company.
We have optimized it by leveraging our rich expertise.


Our management system is capable of handling complicated operations


Total cost reduction
(including all project-related operations)

  • All-in-One Shipping
    All-in-One Shipping

    We ship promotional items to the shipping hubs and deliver prizes to the consumers. We can choose the best shipping plan from a wide variety. Also, let us do all incidental work such as assembling.

  • Regular Shipping
    Regular Shipping

    When it comes to the shipment of promo items, you can entrust us everything, from storage to delivery, The cost reduction is achieved not only by shipping but business system, workflow improvement, warehouse optimization, etc.

  • Business System Development
    Business System Development

    We support and develop business systems, such as order processing and application systems. Also, our company specializes in developing 'user-friendly' systems with meticulous attention to detail — the signature of DMK.

  • Back-office

    We can process orders and inquiries related with shipping operations. By outsourcing back-office to us, client's company can reduce human costs in the promotional item management department.