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1.Basic Statement

The purpose of this basic information security policy (hereinafter referred to as the basic policy) is to protect all assets owned by the Company from all threats, whether internal or external, intentional or accidental.

2.Basic Security Policy

(1) We will achieve 100% satisfaction up to the final customer, which we advocate in our management philosophy.
For that, we pledge to manage the various security hazards and threats of our valued assets, identify the value of our assets through appropriate risk assessments, and ensure and maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability.
(2) All employees and partner companies must comply with the following legal rules, rules stipulated in ISMS, and contract terms regarding information security. Those who violate these laws, regulations and contract conditions will be punished according to the work regulations and contract.
(3) We pledge to maintain risk at acceptable levels by continuing to improve the information management system (ISMS) set of regulations, implementations and operations.
1. Penal Code
2. Civil Code
3. Commercial Code
4. Act on the Protection of Personal Information
5. Intellectual Property Basic Act
6. Unfair Competition Prevention Act
7. Labor Standards Act
8. Cryptographic Regulations
9. Fire Service Act, Enforcement Ordinance, Enforcement Regulations
10. Act on Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access
11. Copyright Act
12. Litigation-related Document

3.Scope of Application

All employees of our company DMK Co., Ltd. and partner companies legally bound by the contract with DMK Co., Ltd., involved with the information assets within the scope of application, are responsible for implementing this basic policy. In addition, this basic policy shall be approved and instructed by the management of DMK Co., Ltd.
(1)All assets stored in the head office of DMK Co., Ltd.
(2)All assets stored in Koto Center office of DMK Co., Ltd.
(3)All assets stored in Narashino Center office of DMK Co., Ltd.
(4)All assets stored in Chiba office of DMK Co., Ltd.
(5)Description of business: Product management and delivery service, direct mailing service and customer service reception for promotional campaigns

The Head Office (DM KOKOKUSHA Co., Ltd.)
1-9-8 Ojima, Koto-Ku, Tokyo 136-0072 Japan

Koto Center (DM KOKOKUSHA Co., Ltd.)
7-12-4 Minamisuna, Koto-Ku, Tokyo 136-0076 Japan

Narashino Center (DM KOKOKUSHA Co., Ltd.)
8-30-15 Higashi-Narashino, Narashino-shi, Chiba 275-0001 Japan

Chiba Center (ABU KIKAKU Co., Ltd.)
522-1 Naganuma-Haracho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 263-0001 Japan

4.Employee Responsibilities and Obligations

Information security managers promote the implementation of basic policies based on appropriate standards and implementation procedures. All employees and partner companies must follow the procedures established to maintain this Information Security Basic Policy. All employees and partner companies are responsible for reporting accidents and identified weaknesses.

5.Operation Method

The operation of the basic policy will be carried out in accordance with the operation procedure, and internal audits will be conducted on a regular basis to confirm that the basic policy is being observed.

6.Inquiries Regarding Security Policy

Ojima Prair Building 2F, 1-9-8 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0072
TEL: 03-3637-9311 Reception hours: from 9am to 5pm (excluding weekends and holidays and holidays during the New Year's holiday)