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Business Process Outsourcing

Our strength lies in providing full support, from proposing optimal business design to the actual project management.
By visualizing and streamlining the client's business processes, we build an environment where client can focus on core operations.
This results in overall productivity improvement of BP and sustainable growth.

Do you face problems like these?

I am not sure about my <office work skills>I am not sure about my <office work skills>

<Our budget doesn't allow> more staff<Our budget doesn't allow> more staff

Back-office <management is not stable>Back-office <management is not stable>

I want to get rid of <routine and simple tasks>I want to get rid of <routine and simple tasks>

<I don't want to hire temporary workers> to do remote work<I don't want to hire temporary workers> to do remote work

I need a work-style reform <to reduce the amount of work>I need a work-style reform <to reduce the amount of work>

DM Kokokusha has a solution!

Campaign back-office

Outer campaign (for consumers)

We provide everything you need to launch a campaign, including campaign site creation, call center, application management and lottery, prize arrangement and shipping/delivery, etc. Given that we have around 500 projects annually, we can offer optimal campaign methods and operational schemes tailored to the client's needs. With our full-support service 'Dohbo' (ASP tool) we can efficiently run various digital campaigns with a quick turnaround and a transparent pricing structure.

Inner campaign (for distribution channels)

You can outsource to us inner campaigns that activate distribution channels, including distributors, agents and sales offices. We can input and calculate your performance data, make quick reports, arrange and ship prizes. Also, we can partially outsource tasks that may be hard for the personnel in the headquarters' sales promotion and sales planning departments.

Back-office Outsourcing


We can release you from routine tasks commonly faced by promotion department personnel of large enterprises with branches, offices and stores nationwide. We have a lot of experience in completing those projects that may require manpower optionally during the year (Starter Kit: From Application Reception to Delivery), those that require a lot of manpower every year (Diary/Calendar: From Application Reception to Delivery) and irregular ones that require manpower case by case (Event Kit: From Application Reception to Delivery, Data Collection and Inspection).


We provide back-office for various BtoC events, such as photo contests and slogan competitions. We also have a track record of entrusted projects led by government agencies and organizations.

Other services

Web APS Service 'Dohbo'

Web APS Service "Dohbo"

We launch various digital campaigns, such as receipt campaigns, instant win campaigns, mileage campaigns, etc. Moreover, as we're a full-service provider, there's no need to worry about complicated settings. Our expertise, boasting an annual record of 500 campaigns, is condensed into an ASP-type campaign system.

Digital Prize Generator 'Dohbo for PRIZE'

Digital Prize Generator "Dohbo for PRIZE"

'Dohbo' meets the demand for creation of easily distributing digital gifts (campaign prizes). It can be used as a standalone digital gift issuance tool as well.

B2B Order Processing System 'DOHDA'

B2B Order Processing System "DOHDA"

'DOHDA' is a supply orders processing system for internal use and closed networks, such as sales agents. You can use it as an order processing system for promotional items and supplies. It can significantly reduce the burden of order management, With a variety of features, it is available for use starting from ¥15,000 per month.