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Message from the President

Make everyone happy

DM KOKOKUSHA. Co., Ltd. continues to evolve with this aspiration in mind.

Since our founding in 1974, we have taken pride in being "a company needed to embody what our customers want to do", providing direct mail, sales promotion, PR materials storage and shipping services. To run above-mentioned operations smoothly, we have also provided outsourcing services with a focus on logistics related to advertising, including back-office outsourcing.

We believe that the reason why our customers have trusted us for a long time is that each employee has made efforts to raise the awareness and knowledge of DM KOKOKUSHA services. With an emphasis on work field and field management, we have created services tailored to our customers' needs with a balance of cost, speed, and quality. We strongly believe that we will continue to respond to the changing times, gaining trust and satisfaction from our customers.

The company's creed, "Make everyone happy" contains a wish for the happiness of our customers, employee staff, and everyone who is connected through our business. We would like to contribute to the economic development of society through our services and tax payments, and at the same time, we would like to be a company that works hard to make all the staff happy. For that reason, we will continue to make our customers feel that we are glad that they entrust the work to DM KOKOKUSHA, and all of our employees will continue to work together as one team.

Please look forward to DM KOKOKUSHA, which will continue to take on challenges and continue to grow.

President and CEO Kohei Fujimoto