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Efforts to achieve the SDGs

DM KOKOKUSHA's approach to CSR

In line with our corporate philosophy of "make everyone happy", we strive to make everyone happy through our business. A comfortable and sufficient environment is indispensable for conducting corporate activities for that purpose.
But we shouldn't take it for granted. Looking around the world, there are many countries and regions where business activities are not possible due to the poor environment.
In addition, there is concern that even in places where this is not the case now, it may become impossible to work in the future due to the worsening environmental problems that are currently being pointed out.
We are grateful every day for the environment in which we can concentrate on our business with peace of mind, and we believe that we have a responsibility to return the benefits to the society that provides it as a company.

Code of conduct (rules to be followed)

1. Relationship with society

(1) Contribution to local communities
As a leader in the sound development of society, we must actively participate in social contribution activities and support these activities. (Company regulations, etc.)
(2) Confrontation with antisocial forces
Officers and employees shall not resolutely respond to transactions and monetary demands from antisocial forces and shall have no relationship with them. On the other hand, businesses must not use antisocial forces or provide profits for their own benefit.
(Organized crime group Countermeasures Law, Company Law, Internal Regulations, etc.)
(3) Fair and transparent political participation
When making political contributions or donations to various organizations, comply with the Public Offices Election Act and the Political Funds Control Act, and do not take any misleading actions. (Public Offices Election Act, Political Funds Control Act)
(4) Environmentally friendly management
We must comply with laws and regulations regarding waste treatment and soil pollution prevention, strive to raise awareness of environmental protection. (Waste Management Law, Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law, Construction Recycling Law, etc.)

2. Relationship with employees

(1) Respect for human rights In
In employment and treatment, we respect the human rights of our employees and must not discriminate under any circumstances based on race, creed, gender, religion, nationality, age, educational background, or other personal characteristics. (Labor Standards Law, Equal Employment Opportunity Law for Men and Women, etc.)
(2) Prohibition of sexual harassment, etc.
In employment and treatment, we respect the human rights of our employees and must not discriminate under any circumstances based on race, creed, gender, religion, nationality, age, educational background, or other personal characteristics. (Labor Standards Law, Equal Employment Opportunity Law for Men and Women, etc.)
(3) Privacy protection
Employee personal information will be managed appropriately and will not be used for any purpose other than its intended purpose. In addition, unless there is a justifiable reason such as a court order, it must not be disclosed to the outside without the consent of the person. (Personal Information Protection Law, etc.)
(4)Compliance with labor-related laws and regulations
We will comply with labor laws and manage working conditions such as working hours appropriately. (Labor Standards Law, Lab

3. Whistleblower counter

If a violation is committed within the company, we will accept it anonymously, and we will accept any method such as e-mail, telephone, or writing.
In addition, we will consider security so that the fact of the report will not be leaked, will not disclose the name of the reporter to the boss.
The content of the report will be reported to the Compliance Committee as necessary.
In addition, even if a report that a violation has been committed within the company is received from the outside, we will accept it at this counter and process it according to the internal report.
The whistleblower's confidentiality is maintained, and care is taken not to cause any disadvantage to the whistleblower due to the report.

DM KOKOKUSHA is making continuous efforts to contribute to society.

DM KOKOKUSHA's Efforts to Achieve the SDGs

What is SDGs?

Abbreviation for 'Sustainable Development Goals'.
It is an international goal to aim for a sustainable and better world by 2030. Composed of 17 goals and 169 targets, we pledge to 'leave no one behind' on Earth. The SDGs are universal, not only in developing countries, but also in developed countries themselves, and Japan is also actively working on them.

What is SDGs?



Obtained ISO14001 certification

We are contributing to environmental conservation by improving the environmental performance of the organization in accordance with ISO14001. Ultimately, we are aiming for a mechanism that does not adversely affect the environment from the beginning.
* ISO14001 is a certification standard for environmental management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard clarifies the "environmental impact" that an organization has on all people and things surrounding the organization, and if it has a negative impact, it is a guideline for building a management system to solve it.
Obtained ISO14001 certification

Paperless Movement: Systemization and Reassessment of Packaging Materials

DM Kokokusha has successfully reduced paper usage by digitizing various external and internal documents and stamps. Furthermore, the company is committed to environmentally friendly business practices, such as changing packaging materials like cardboard and cushioning to items made from 100% recycled paper, as part of its continuous efforts to be eco-conscious.
Paperless Movement: Systemization and Reassessment of Packaging Materials

Eco-bags Distribution

By distributing eco-bags to all employees, we aim to reduce plastic waste and save resources.
Eco-bags Distribution

Efforts related to energy saving

By taking energy-saving measures centered on power saving, we are promoting efforts to tackle climate change issues.

Equipment-related initiatives

Sequential introduction of energy-saving equipment such as air conditioning equipment and LED lighting

Operational efforts

・Setting of air conditioning temperature
(summer) Indoor temperature 25-27℃ (winter) Indoor temperature 18-23℃
・Reduction of operating number

Efforts for employee enlightenment

・Introduction of office casual work
・Reduction of overtime work

Efforts to recycle resources and cleaning for 10 minutes in the morning

By abolishing each person's trash can and installing a shared trash can for sorting, we are working to raise awareness of trash sorting and reduce trash. Corrugated cardboard waste and shredder waste generated in business are also handed over to recycling companies, contributing to resource recycling.
In addition, a 10-minute cleaning activity is conducted in the morning of the beginning of the week to promote awareness of resource consumption as well as personal cleanup.
Efforts to recycle resources and cleaning for 10 minutes in the morning


Sales of PERFECT EARTH (Efforts to tackle food problems)

Due to the refraining from going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the ratio of home-cooked meals has remained at the highest level ever. The challenge is how to provide a healthy and calorie-friendly diet at home. We are working to solve this problem by selling the organic and nutritious rice pasta "PERFECT EARTH".
Click here for details
PERFECT EARTHの販売(食問題への取り組み)

Expansion of overseas business (tackling domestical/inernational disparity issue)

By starting and expanding overseas business, establishing a distribution warehouse and transferring on-site work know-how, development of distribution network and sophistication of local human resources level, it contributes to improving convenience and economic development of the countries in which it operates by paying taxes.

We also contribute to the creation of equal employment opportunities locally by hiring human resources by making comprehensive judgments while respecting abilities and individuality regardless of nationality or gender.
Expansion of overseas business (tackling domestical/inernational disparity issue)

Book donation

We donate books such as picture books and books to the Koto City Library.
Picture books that were used until children grew up and books that were no longer needed at each home were donated to the city library and reused at nursery schools, elementary schools, libraries, welfare facilities for the elderly, and inhabitant festivals.
We have donated 536 books.
Book donation



Respect the diversity of work styles

Nowadays, more flexible working styles are required against the background of changes in the social environment such as the increase in double-income families and the shift to nuclear families.
DM Kokokusha respects diverse working styles and flexibly responds to individual lifestyles by introducing new working styles such as a staggered working hours system, a work from home system, and a free address system.
We will continue to promote work style reforms with the aim of becoming a company where employees can work comfortably and improve work efficiency and productivity.
Respect the diversity of work styles

A Safe and Supportive Environment for Women to Work

DM Kokokusha is committed to promote initiatives that enable diverse talents to work enthusiastically with a sense of fulfillment. In terms of promoting women's participation, the company strives to create an environment where individuals, including both men and women, can confidently work even during significant life events such as maternity or parental leave.
A Safe and Supportive Environment for Women to Work

Maintaining employee health

In addition to regular health checkups, we carry out influenza vaccinations every year as part of our welfare program. In addition, AEDs have been set up at each business site in case of an emergency for employees, and new employees are provided with disaster prevention drills at the disaster prevention center.
Maintaining employee health